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May 2018

May is a big month. We’re running two specials this month. You can get $70 (yes SEVENTY dollars!) off the price of a tuneup with the purchase of a regular maintenance agreement. That saves you money upfront and monthly on your light bill by having an efficiently running unit! Not to mention the 15% discount on repairs our maintenance customers enjoy.

Also, we’re offering $20 off a programmable thermostat which can save you even more on your light bill by programming a schedule so your unit doesn’t run unnecessarily when you’re not home. 
It’s a big month for big savings in May! Call us today and start saving today! 

March 2018 -- Daylight $avings Special

Until the end of April, we're offering our residential customers $30 off our regular rate diagnostic fee with any repair. Don't miss out on the chance to get your unit working properly AND save money. Call now!

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